CSS Resets are broken

Crayon by Blake Burkhart

It is my opinion that CSS resets are broken. My educated, argumented, and I’m sure, valid opinion. You might share it, you might agree, or you might not agree - at the end of the day, it just depends on what your use case is. Let me tell you why CSS resets today are broken and why we need a new deal.

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One programmer is not like the other

Puffy clouds in blue sky by See-ming Lee

I consider myself a problem solver. You might have an image of what a “problem” is in the programming world, but I should be clear - most often than not, the problem is inheriting a project from another programmer, or using one of such projects as a dependency. In the extreme, you realize that you are solving problems created by other programmers and find that you tend to dislike the whole bunch, just because you don’t agree on the definition of problem.

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Setting up a remote digital workspace

IBM 9119-595 FSP Replacement by pchow98

In a post by Ivan Voras on TopTal, he describes his remote digital workplace.

From it, I can only understand that he is a freelancer, which didn’t grow out of start-up garage mentality. Amazon, Google and Apple started in a garage, but it was a different time. And what people seem to forget - they were working, they weren’t setting up a work environment. Today you can lease a server and set it up in minutes and start working.

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Just ship it

If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it! - Johnathan Winters

Let me start with a story. There was a group of friends, somewhere in the fog that was 1997. They had a common interest - computer programming. But not any kind of software, no, they wanted to see how far they could push hardware back then. They were doing the kind of stuff that today you only see in video games. They traveled to various competitions around Europe, having gotten some good placements with their entries. Real time rendering of animation, ray tracing, 3D graphics, music,… and meeting people who shared their interests.

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